What is a deep clean?

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What is a deep clean?



At Think FM Solutions we recommend that you have your office deep cleaned – so here’s what you need to know:-

Carrying out daily, weekly and monthly cleaning can help you maintain a happier and healthier workplace. . Clients and employees benefit from a clean environment.

Disinfecting surfaces reduces the spread of cold and flu viruses, helping to reduce downtime for company employees. Different types of office spaces will require subtle changes to priorities in order to create and maintain a professional and healthy environment.

Deep cleaning an office means to remove dirt from the hard to get areas that are not normally accessible during normal hours. It eliminates viruses and bacteria on the surfaces with the most germs.

Deep cleaning is a way to ensure that the life span of surfaces is improved. This form of cleaning fits perfectly with our regular daily or weekly cleaning services.

Deep cleaning an office includes moving furniture, empty cupboards, and to tackle areas where dirt can accumulate.

Your office makes a statement about your business, whether you are a one-person shop or a large corporate business.

You need to make the best possible impression on potential and existing customers by keeping your office cleaned.

What is a deep clean and what is included?

Depending on your office, the requirements can vary on deep cleaning. Here is a checklist of what tends to be covered in deep cleaning schedule:

  • Complete vacuum of every carpet – moving furniture
  • Initially, carry out cleaning to all walls, cupboard tops, doors and window frames, ledges, picture rails and light fitting, door handles, skirting boards
  • All carpeted floors are then cleaned thoroughly with a carpet cleaner (to eliminate even the smallest dirt particles and to ensure they are looking as good as new)
  • All grime and dust is then removed from both sides of all the venetian blinds
  • Kitchen cupboards and fridge emptied and scrubbed
  • Kitchen work surfaces cleaned
  • Microwaves and ovens cleaned inside and out
  • Walls at high level are dusted
  • Hard to get to areas in washroom facilities cleaned, mirrors left sparkling
  • Chairs vacuumed or wiped clean
  • Removal of any mildew or limescale in washrooms
  • Sanitisation of computer equipment, headsets, telephones, keyboards

A deep clean does not only tidy things up, it eliminates viruses and bacteria on all the surfaces. Bathrooms and kitchens are the worst areas for germs, also any regularly touched surfaces like light switches, handles or buttons, telephones, and keyboards. If more than one employee regularly touches anything, it’s a magnet for germs.

An office deep clean is like spring cleaning for your office space, only it can be done any time of the year or as many times as necessary to keep your workspace looking clean and tidy, encourage your employees to maintain healthy and productive habits.

Is keeping your work environment clean of germs important to you?

Surface cleanings will help keep your office looking great most of the time, but you will still need to do regular deep cleanings to remove all germs from within.

If you would like to find out more about deep cleaning or our office cleaning services then contact us for more information or a free no obligation quote.

August 21, 2014

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